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Basic Accounting Skills Every Professional Accountant Must Have!

1) Interpersonal skills: There is a misconception that an accountant's work involves purely number crunching. ...

2) Taxation. Taxation is a very volatile and dynamic subject. ...

3) Analysis. ...

4) Accounting basics. ...

5) National certification. ...

6) Accounting Software.

Roles and Responsibilities

Preparing and maintaining important financial reports. Preparing tax returns and ensuring that taxes are paid properly and on time. Evaluating financial operations to recommend best practices, identify issues and strategize solutions, and help organizations run efficiently.
Much of the accountant's job requires utilizing common spreadsheet software and account reconciliation software. Other types of software with which the general accountant should have expertise include database reporting, financial reporting and analysis, financial statements, compliance, and project management.
Required skills and qualifications
Professional experience in accounting, such as internship or staff role.
Knowledge of accounting and corporate finance principles and procedures.
Ability to multitask, prioritize, and organize effectively.
Ability to maintain confidentiality of company and client information.
Company history. While no one can predict the future, understanding a company's history can give you a glimpse into its stability, values and culture
Company values
Job location
Working hours
Job responsibilities